Narrative & Level Design

Chapter 1

Vaya Con Dios

This was the planned narrative for Fallout: Lonestar, condensed, and told in parts.

Vaya Con Dios is the opening quest of Fallout: Lonestar that begins the game. We start en media res on . . .


Our story begins on the "Serialized Atomic Battery Locomotive Engine" or SABLE Train. Inside the security car, the Ranger is nudged awake by Carlton Rivers, a senior Ranger with whom you’ve been tasked to transport the prisoner Matthew Moreau to Reunion, where he will stand trial for treason.

“Hey, wake up. This ain’t the most glamorous assignment, but you don’t have to do much other than stay awake. Go to the dining car and get some coffee. You need to have your wits about you around this asshole.”

As Rivers moves away, Matthew Moreau is sitting across from the Ranger, bound and gagged, a thick metal collar around his neck. The Ranger stands and the player is given control.


Matthew Moreau

Early 60’s, caucasian male, worn features, thinning hair, thick mustache, goatee.

Wanted for treason.

You cannot interact with Moreau. His eyes, however, are always fixed on you.

As the train passes through the Lonestar desert, the player can interact with Rivers or the SABLE crew.

Ranger Carlton Rivers sits next to Moreau in the security car. If spoken with, Rivers will talk about:

  1. How Moreau was caught - Rivers is disappointed in the reality of Moreau as a man. He thought he’d be younger, spry, and a hell of a lot more clever. According to Rivers, in a manhunt that ran from Mammoth all the way to the Pass, it all ended after Moreau got drunk in One Horse and caught was unaware as Van Buren Protectrons surrounded him. It’s sad that no man had a hand in arresting him.

  2. Why the train is mostly empty - Because this is a confederate criminal transport, the Disciples are bound by law to allow the use of the SABLE by the Rangers. Any other passengers would be put at risk.

  3. How your first assignment is going - Prisoner transfers are always boring, no matter how notorious the prisoner.

After getting coffee, the train is shook by an explosion. A crackling woman's voice comes over the PA system:

“Explosion on the track! Brace yourselves!”

The train slams to a halt. Racing back, the Ranger is met by raiders making their way to the engine room. Once the Ranger makes it back to the security car, they find the body of Ranger Rivers, a hole blown in the side of the train, and Moreau has escaped.

El Dorado

Exiting through the hole, the Ranger finds themselves in El Dorado; an endless expanse of abandoned, old-world oil derricks. The wind is thick with dust and sand, but a light can be seen in the distance. At what was once loading area, an old manager’s office glows with a faint inner light. As the Ranger approaches, they’re forced to dispatch more raiders. Upon entering the office, the Ranger is struck from behind and falls unconscious.

Desert Oasis Park

In a field of decaying, old-world RV’s, the Ranger wakes to find themselves bound at a makeshift campsite alone with Moreau. From across the campfire, Moreau speaks:

I must've hit you harder than I thought. Don't worry compadre, I'm not going to kill you. Point of fact, I saved your life. A greenhorn like you never would've made it our of El Dorado alive. If the dust didn't take you, the critters would've. They don't prepare you for places like the Pass. It's the frontier, wild and ornery.
     I'd say I'm sorry about your friend Rivers, but trust me, that man's done enough in his life to deserve what he got. All the Rangers have. Can't be a Ranger and not come out with tarnish on your soul. But it's not to last for you, greenhorn. You can still turn around. Walk away. Find a path of your own, because this path you’re walking will lead you to ruin, and all the while you’ll be singing the Confederate anthem and never be the wiser.
     Good luck, amigo. Vaya con dios.

The fire dies, but returns. A strange tribal has taken the place of Moreau. He tells you to sleep, as you have much farther to go. With that, the Ranger falls asleep.