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Studio updates.

Finally finished that selfie.

Was working on a selfie months ago, but suddenly decided to finish it. I didn't have any particular direction, but it ended here somehow. I'm pretty happy with it.

Christopher Means
Cyberdog 2nd Screen Experience

My wife loves using the Fallout 4 2nd Screen Pip-Boy when I play. Injecting stimpaks, drugs, food, etc. It's limited, but it could easily do so much more. We came up with the idea of controlling a Dogmeat-like NPC with more gameplay mechanics. We're committed enough to the idea to convert Wrex for the cause.

Christopher Means
Publishing Fallout: Lonestar documentation over the coming weeks
A graphic representation of data wanting to be published

A graphic representation of data wanting to be published

You may have noticed that there is a new "Fallout: Lonestar" section here on my portfolio. It seemed preferable to post this information here, rather than let all the work we've done sit on a Google Drive gathering... dust? I would update the official website, but the interface is wonky and I haven't talked to the webmaster in months. It just seemed easier to post it here.

The bonus is that, as part of my portfolio site, I'm at liberty to draft the information in a more casual tone. I can discuss the process and reasoning that went into development and speak more to where it would go from here. It's more fun for me than just copy/pasting design docs wholesale and, hopefully, will be more entertaining to read.

Good Luck; Have Fun


Christopher Means
Life is Strange: Before the Storm

I've been fortunate to contribute to this title as designer for Deck Nine Games. I'm very proud of what we've been able to achieve, and I'm thankful for the unprecedented support from Square Enix.

Christopher Means
A face of quiet desperation

So my grim visage was used on the new studio website,  and I thought I would post this for posterity. I had nothing to do with this photo, our VP just ambushed me with his phone. Otherwise my common "face of desperate fear" that I make when concentrating might not have been captured.

Also, with so many other games paraphernalia on my desk, I'm quietly afraid they'll pull it off the site one day. Might start hearing "Fallout: Lonestar CONFIRMED!!1" or some such nonsense.

Christopher Means